It's not like I didn't know it was coming... I BIRTHED the girl!

When Girl's 7th birthday arrived, we threw a little birthday bash.  I worried about getting my hellhole of a house ready for guests and preparing some nibbles and making a grand cake.

So it was time for presents and ... OHHH MYYY GODDDD... they were still in the trunk of the car where I'd been hiding them for weeks. TOTALLY forgot other than the fleeting "oh yeh, I need to get those things wrapped."

You can freak or you can get creative and improvise. Winging it seems to be a theme, I realize. This is a blessing and a curse of creative types, because you can 'recalculate' at any given moment and find another route, so you may not fret about stuff like a normal person and your kids do not get gifts like normal kids.

Enter THE MAGIC BIRTHDAY TRUNK!   With Dad manning the garage disco-like flickering of the lights and a super-enthusiastic "mekka lekka hi mekka hiney ho" (thank you Pee Wee Herman), Girl watched with wide-eyed excitement as I reached wayyy in and yanked out one gift at a time from the Magic Birthday Trunk!  Miss Birthdayface was thrilled.  I don't suppose it really matters if it's a trunk from a pirate ship or a car trunk, or an elephant trunk for that matter as long as the goods are pouring out! But.. an elephant would never have forgotten to wrap the gifts.

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